Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Retracing my steps

I have decided I need to revive my old {as in time, not use} cleaning schedule in an effort to get myself together. The broken record skips again. I have been cleaning out carloads of donations from our house, and that makes me think it should be easier to keep everything clean. Who knows? So, if I remember correctly, there is a daily and weekly list, and according to everything else I have read {here's one} there ought to be about ten other lists for more periodical items such as drains and furnace filters, but let's start simple.

Make beds
at least one load of laundry
dishes after each meal
open mail/sort
10 minute clutter pick up

monday: bathroom/disinfect doorknobs & handles
tuesday: bedrooms/hall /mirrors
wednesday: kitchen/dust baseboards
thursday: floors in living/dining room/dust furniture
friday: sheets/pets
saturday: my room

Ideas? Changes?

Drinking EmergenC, Alice

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