Friday, November 14, 2008

Dr. Bronners: creepy goodness

I find that it's simply too easy to accumulate cleaning products for every little thing in your house. Why does everything need it's own product? It doesn't make sense to have invested so much money into products that sit in a yucky plastic tub under your sink waiting to be used for it's one purpose. As I am committed to making cleaning more efficient around here, I have been thinking about what kind of product it would take to clean my entire house that is as natural and organic as possible, fairly traded, sold in bulk to reduce waste -and get this- actually works!

I typically sit in the aisle at the store looking at all the products available to me and check the backs. I have heard about Dr. Bronner's magic-ness, and was eager to learn more. Learning that Dr. Bronner's is so good you can even wash yourself and your pets with it, I wanted to give it a try. If it's healthy enough for me to put on my body, it's healthy enough to flush down a toilet into our ecosystem. Claiming 18+ uses, I was intrigued but also disappointed seeing as they pack more Confucius onto the bottle than clear cut directions.

So here comes the creepy goodness. Going to their website didn't exactly give me much more direction, but I did enjoy the weird sciencey Dr. Bronner picture. That's the creepy part. The goodness is in it's gentleness to the planet, our bodies and cleaning sprees. My toilet bowl has never been so white and smelled so delicious. Nothing like peppermint to say, I'm clean-and yet not contaminated with chemicals and perfumes. I have used it in the tub, bathroom and kitchen sinks, the floors and probably more I'm forgetting. My baby-puked-all-over-carpet is next (yes, I have carpet, how sad).

As I continue to use the small bottle I purchased as a test drive, I get excited thinking about the giant gallon bottle I will buy next. Not only is it concentrated which allows for more cleaning per packaging, it's in bulk too!

Cleaning can't be easier than squirting a little Bronner's in a bucket of water to clean your whole house or more Ecofriendly than organic+chemical free+fairly traded+concentrated.

Dr. Bronner, I love you.

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