Monday, October 13, 2008

Facts worth Remembering

While reading Angry Chicken, I came across this post and felt it was important to share with you. I am really going to use that lye bit, since our pipes back up all the time.

The last few weeks have been successful at home, I have delivered an entire car-full of donations to the goodwill, and have a new pile started already. I have been able to leave all my doors open all week, which means I haven't been hiding dead bodies in my bedroom, or chihuahua poop in the hall. Ikea caused me a slight misstep, persuading me to purchase a box of dishes for $24.99. The fact that I didn't need them was irrelevant, they just kept telling me they were so simple, and new, and shiny, and easy, and ready to make my life all I ever hoped it would be. It was a trick. The worst part is going to be the return trek to Ikea to get my money back.

In love with this house, Alice

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